Personalised Gifts

My Dandelion loves creating personalised gifts for people as it always feels so special to receive something that is just for you.

Please feel free to contact to discuss what you would like to order, whether it is one of the products already available and to be personalised or it’s a special idea you have in mind and would like some help in making it happen. (Guys – this is a great option for you if you are trying to impress someone special 😉 !)

Please be aware that the time required will vary depending on how many other special orders are already being made, and how big other current orders are. Please try to give as much notification time as possible to avoid disappointment during busy times.

In the event of a personalised orders, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required up front and balance to be paid upon completion of order. If you change your mind or want to cancel the order, please contact My Dandelion straight away. You may still incur a bill for the final product if the project is already near completion time, for labour and materials. If the order has not yet started, you may be able to cancel or make amendments to the order.

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